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Since my early works I have held an interest in women, and have continued creating paintings with women as subjects. I have pursued as my main themes the difficulties of living in society as a woman, or the manner in which we ought to be living in these times. 

All of the paintings are based on interviews with women, and I attempt to paint a genuine account of women living in the current generation by converting their voices into paintings. I meet the women I interview in various contexts; a woman I coincidentally sat next to in a café, someone I saw on the street, or a person I met on social media. 

The works are titled with colloquial phrases, which are extracted from the interview responses. My work reveals the stories or the problems that these women carry by layering their words in the title with the fragmentary scenes of their daily life depicted in the paintings. 

By painting the manner in which we live day to day in this era and the problems that we face, I am trying to depict the grander picture of society through the conditions of individuals. 






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